Why Aptamers?

Aptamers offer solutions to many scientific challenges other reagents can’t overcome. Learn More.

Pursue Toxic and Non-immunogenic Targets
Overcome antibody host toxicity or failure to generate an antibody response
Target Small Molecules
Bind molecules ≥ ~60 daltons, 10-fold smaller than the smallest Ab targets
Design Stable Molecular “Switches”
Simplify assay design or modulate therapeutic function
Penetrate Tissues and Cells
Target intracellular proteins; access solid tumors
Perform Simple Chemical Modifications
Enhance affinity, stability, solubility or detection
Improve Reproducibility and Stability
Easily synthesize and re-fold aptamers

Partnering with Base Pair

Every project is unique. Base Pair scientists work closely with each client to understand project objectives, identify technical challenges, and provide innovative aptamer-based solutions. Learn More.

Consultative Approach

We take the time to fully understand customer needs and address project challenges

Customized Solutions

Every project is carefully designed from classic and novel options for selection and optimization

Innovative Technology

Multiplex SELEX, proprietary selection algorithms, and more to come

Effective Aptamers

True success is defined by aptamer performance in real-world applications

Aptamer Discovery and Development with Base Pair

At Base Pair Biotechnologies, each phase of every project is custom designed to have the highest likelihood of functional success. Aptamers to specific targets can often be developed in just 8-12 weeks. With Base Pair’s patented multiplex platform, aptamers to multiple targets can be selected simultaneously, significantly decreasing overall development time and cost. Additionally, our  AptaTracker™ Tool enables customers to stay connected throughout each aptamer development project. Learn More.

Phase 1: Consult

Needs Definition

Project Scope


Phase 2: Design

Library Selection

Library Modification

Target Selection

Phase 3: Select


Next Gen Sequencing



Phase 4: Screen

High Throughput Screening


Affinity Testing

Phase 5: Apply

Assay Feasibility

Functional Testing

Phase 6: Evaluate

User Testing

Assay Optimization

Phase 7: Mature


Base Substitutions

New Functionality

Request Information

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