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Vicki Singer, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Singer has more than 25 years’ life science industry experience leading business segments, strategy, marketing, business development and research and development teams. She has served as Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy for Life Technologies (LIFE) and Thermo Fisher Scientific, as Global Head of Out Licensing for LIFE, Business Segment Director for the Labeling & Detection (Molecular Probes) business of Invitrogen, as Business Development Director for Invitrogen and Molecular Probes, and formed and led the Molecular Biology R&D team at Molecular Probes.

Dr. Singer holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley and performed postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School.

More about Dr. Singer can be found here: LinkedIn

Bill Jackson, Ph.D., Founder, President, and Chief Scientist

Bill Jackson serves as Chief Scientist of Base Pair Biotechnologies. Prior to formal spinout of aptamer discovery services under Base Pair, Bill guided numerous aptamer selections ona research basis at parent company, BioTex, Inc.

Dr. Jackson is still partially employed by BioTex where he serves as a Senior Scientist on a number of synergistic research projects involving aptamers and biosensing. He joined BioTex in 2005 while concurrently finishing his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Houston. At the University of Houston, his research focused primarily on the development of novel nucleic acid diagnostics using both mass spectrometry and nucleic acid microarrays. Since that time, Dr. Jackson has served as Principal Investigator on 19+ SBIR grants and co-investigator on several more. He is inventor on 11 issued U.S. patents with many having international counterparts. In previous employment Bill has been involved in the development of a wide variety of analytical chemistry equipment including instruments still in service aboard the International Space Station.

Dr. Jackson received the B.S. in biomedical engineering from Texas A&M University in 1997 and a B.A. in Spanish in 1998.

In 2010 Dr. Jackson co-authored, “Nucleic Acid Aptamers for Diagnostics and Therapeutics: Global Markets for BCC Research.

More about Dr. Jackson, including prior employment and publications can be found here: LinkedIn

Yogesh Sanghvi, Ph.D., Consultant, Nucleic Acid and General Chemistry

Dr. Yogesh Sanghvi is a respected member of the nucleic acid research community, having served in various leadership roles for over 14 years at Isis Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Sanghvi’s last role at Isis was Executive Director of Developmental Chemistry. Since 2003, he has served as founder and President of Rasayan, Inc. (Encinitas, CA). Rasayan specializes in consulting and supply-chain management for nucleosides, nucleotides and oligonucleotides related products for the pharmaceutical industry, research laboratories and academia. For Base Pair, Dr. Sanghvi provides expert consultation in general organic chemistry, supporting, for example, our many projects involving aptamers to small molecule targets. Finally, Yogesh brings his expertise to bear on scaled-up delivery of both natural and non-natural oligonucleotide chemistries to our customers with a constant mind on both quality and total cost considerations.

Other Principals at Base Pair:

Ashok Gowda, Ph.D., Board Member

Dr. Gowda has over 18 years’ experience in directing medical and biotechnology development and has contributed to the successful founding and growth of BioTex, Inc. on both the scientific and management fronts. As CEO of BioTex, Dr. Gowda ensures that a pipeline of novel early stage development projects is managed appropriately including maintaining a strong intellectual property program and appropriate personnel and financial resources. Dr. Gowda also served as Chief Operating Officer for Visualase, Inc, a BioTex spin-out company, which under SBIR funding successfully drove a number of medical devices from conception to commercialization. Visualase was acquired by Medtronic in 2014. Dr. Gowda was successful in helping to raise private and institutional equity and bringing in additional management and commercial expertise with a focus on commercialization efforts.


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