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AptaColor(TM) Aptamer Test Kit

We recognize that as scientists that nothing validates an idea like doing the experiment yourself. An aptamer kit is in available so that researchers can test one of our aptamers themselves in a pre-defined lateral flow assay format.  The kit can be found in our catalog, available now!!! If you are interested in ordering one .

If you need instructions for the kit it can be downloaded here.





Lateral flow assays are based on target immobilization and capillary transfer of detection reagents on a lateral flow strip. The AptaColorTM kit is a simple lateral flow assay designed to specifically detect a protein target with an aptamer developed by Base Pair Biotechnologies. The kit utilizes a biotin labeled aptamer and streptavidin gold conjugate solution that when combined with the target on the lateral flow strip yield a visible pink reaction.  The assay demonstrates superb specificity of the aptamer by not binding a non target protein abundant in most biological assays.

We want to thank Diagnostic Consulting Network DCN for their lateral flow strips and and conjugate solution that make this kit possible.



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