Current Aptamer Promotion


Receive one vial of Aptamer Resuspension Buffer and one vial of Aptamer Folding Buffer FREE with any Catalog Aptamer Purchase*


Base Pair offers catalog aptamers to a diverse range of target molecules, including proteins, antibodies, small molecules, toxins, bacterial proteins, cytokines, and more. Aptamers can be purchased with a wide range of modifications for immobilization, conjugation, or direct detection. Choose from the standard modifications listed in our on-line catalog or request a custom modification.

Ready-to-use buffers for aptamer resuspension, folding, and reduction (for thiolated aptamers) simplify aptamer use. Learn more about Base Pair aptamer buffers.

Ordering On-line? Simply indicate free Aptamer Resuspension Buffer and Aptamer Folding Buffer in the Comments section during checkout.

Contact Base Pair today for more information.  Please mention Buffer Promo in the subject line.

*Void where prohibited. One free resuspension and folding buffer per order. Cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. Cannot be applied to previous orders. Offer extended through August 31, 2019.