December 2016 Newsletter – Using Aptamers to Detect Drugs of Abuse

In This Issue: New Vice President of Business Development, Graham Long, Ph.D.  Aptamers and Opioid Drugs of Abuse Base Pair Develops Aptamers that Selectively Bind to Noroxycodone and Norhydrocodone   Aptamers and Opioid Drugs of Abuse Opiates and opioids are frequently prescribed to treat pain. These drug molecules bind to opioid receptors and block the transmission of […]

April 2016 Newsleter – Targeting Circulating Cancer Biomarkers

In This Issue: New Aptamer Development Manager, Robert (Rob) Batchelor New Grant Award: “Aptamers and BSI for Sub-microliter Analysis of Pharmaceuticals in Neonatal Urine” Targeting Circulating Cancer Biomarkers Aptamers in CTC  Enrichment and Exosome Detection and Characterization Product Highlights: Aptamers to CD63, a Common Exosome Marker New Aptamer Development Manager Continuing the evolution of Base […]

March 2016 Newsletter – Aptamers to Extracellular Matrix Proteins

In this Issue: What’s new at Base Pair: – Dr. Vicki Singer joins Base Pair as new CEO – Dr. Richard Longeras joins Base Pair as new Senior Manager of Business Development What’s new in aptamers: – International Society on Aptamers (INSOAP) publishes inaugural newsletter – Base Pair CSO to speak next month in “Aptamers […]

February 2016 Newsletter – Detection of Environmental Toxins in Blood

In this Issue: – What’s new at Base Pair – Chief Scientist receives $1.4M grant from NIH – Gates Foundation recipient chooses Base Pair for detecting mosquito born disease – Base Pair discovers a new aptamer to transgelin Base Pair’s Chief Scientist receives grant from NIH to Detect Environmental Toxins in Blood Base Pair Biotechnologies […]

January 2016 Newsletter – VENNmultiplexTM SELEX

In this Issue: – Venn Multiplex™ SELEX – Senior Scientist position open – “Aptamer Development Manager” Venn Multiplex™ SELEX Patented, multiplexed, simultaneous aptamer selection against related targets coupled with deep, next-generation sequencing allows aptamers with unique binding properties to be readily identified via comparative analysis Context: A client came to Base Pair Biotechnologies with a […]