December 2017 Newsletter – Aptamers in Theranostics: Targeted Drug Delivery

Best Wishes for Safe & Happy Holidays and a Successful New Year from Base Pair! In The December Issue: Openings at Base Pair New Plate-Based Assay Survey: Vote Today Aptamers in Theranostics: Targeted Drug Delivery   Base Pair Openings in Operations and Business Development Base Pair has a new opening for a Senior Operations Associate at our headquarters in Pearland, Texas. […]

November 2017 Newsletter – Aptamer Inhibition of Allergic Reaction

In The November Issue: Base Pair Welcomes a New Scientist – Marsha Kowal Biosensor Survey Ending Soon Aptamer Inhibition of Allergic Reaction   Base Pair Welcomes Marsha Kowal The Base Pair team is pleased to welcome Marsha Kowal. Marsha is a biomedical engineer with extensive research experience combining cell biology with engineering innovation. She earned her […]

October 2017 Newsletter – Aptamers for Detection of Neurotransmitters

In This Issue: FREE Aptamer Buffers with Purchase of Catalog Aptamer Aptamers for Detection of Neurotransmitters   FREE Aptamer Buffer Base Pair is pleased to offer a new line of ready-to-use buffers for aptamer resuspension, aptamer folding, and aptamer reduction. Now through December 22, 2017, receive a FREE Aptamer Resuspension Buffer and FREE Aptamer Folding […]

September 2017 Newsletter – Aptamers and Mosquito-Borne Disease

In This Issue: New Scientist Joins Base Pair Ready-to-Use Buffers for Aptamer Handling & Storage Aptamers and Mosquito-Borne Disease Intracellular Analysis Survey   Base Pair Welcomes Anna Hickey! Base Pair is pleased to welcome Anna Hickey to our scientific team. Anna received a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Oregon. As an undergraduate she […]

May 2017 Newsletter – Aptamers for Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria

In This Issue Register for the Aptamer Applications Webinar on June 21st Meet with Base Pair scientists at ASM in New Orleans, LA June 1st – 3rd Visit our New Web Site at!  Aptamers for the Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria Base Pair Aptamers to MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus   Register for the upcoming Aptamer Applications Webinar, […]

April 2017 Newsletter – Aptamers in T Cell Regulation & Immunotherapy

In this Issue: Visit our New Web Site at!            Samantha Delaney joins Base Pair’s Aptamer Development Team Aptamers in T Cell Regulation & Immunotherapy Aptamers to Cytokines   Base Pair Biotechnologies Launches New & Improved Web Site!  Base Pair is committed to improving access to aptamer information and research. Whether you are just learning about aptamers or looking to […]

March 2017 Newsletter – Cell-Specific Aptamers in Oncology

In This Issue: Two new aptamer discovery & development scientists join Base Pair ​  Generation of Cell-Specific Aptamers in Oncology  Base Pair aptamer to Epirubicin small molecule chemotherapy agent   Truong Nguyen and Deepak Thirunavukarasu join Base Pair Truong Nguyen received his bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology from Nong Lam University in Vietnam. From 2006 to 2007, Truong worked […]