Base Pair’s natural DNA aptamers were selected against the Chikungunya virus E1 envelope protein in mosquito saliva. Aptamer ATW0102 and ATW0103 both tested positive for recognition of the Chikungunya E1 envelope protein in dot blot testing. Aptamer ATW0102 has also been shown to bind the E1 envelope protein in serum and defibrinated blood in a self-sandwich microfluidic assay (1).

  1. Saraf, N., et al. Multiplex viral detection platform based on a aptamers-integrated microfluidic channel. ACS Omega. 2019. 4:2234-2240.


Chikungunya aptamers ATW0102 and ATW0103 are coming soon to the on-line catalog, but are currently available for special purchase. Please contact Base Pair for more information.