Due to recently-expired patents surrounding aptamer selection technology, the aptamer market is growing at a rapid pace. Multiple aptamer development projects in research, diagnostics, and therapeutics are currently ongoing at Base Pair.  While most projects are strictly proprietary and most clients are prohibited from offering official endorsements, below are a few comments and acknowledgements from clients who have developed selective aptamers with us. Have you developed a selective aptamer with Base Pair? Please share you feedback with peers who may be considering Base Pair for an upcoming aptamer development project.

Base Pair Biotechnologies provided us a tailored solution for our aptamer needs in a fast, efficient and professional manner. The aptamers worked well for our application and we are certain to collaborate on future projects. Surely Base Pair Biotechnologies was the right choice.Researcher, University of Parma, Italy

The authors thank Dr. Mark Morris and Dr. Bill Jackson at Base Pair Biotechnologies for useful discussion on aptamers.  View PublicationResearchers, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & UC Berkeley, USA

We are very grateful for your superb and timely work. Frankly speaking, I was astonished at just how quickly BPB responded to an order we placed on a recent project: I placed the order on Wednesday at 1pm or so and received the shipped order on Friday morning! Wow! It is great to experience the excellent timely and friendly service that you have provided us. I am very thankful that you folks and your BPB colleagues stand ready to work your aptamer magic on our upcoming project.CEO, Novel Diagnostic Company, USA

You, Mark and potentially others have been superb in all phases of this project! We are very pleased. Can’t wait for the final analysis! Please thank your entire crew for me.                       

          -Bill, CEO, USA

We thank Bill Jackson for helpful discussion   View Publication                                            -Researchers, University of Houston, USA