DNA Aptamer selective for Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate, DEHP, a chemical added to plastics including PVC/vinyl to increase flexibility. DEHP can be found in many household products, including wallpaper, shower curtains, swimming pool liners, plastic lunch boxes, and some plastic food packaging. It is also found in certain medical devices, including dialysis tubing, surgical gloves and blood storage bags. It is currently regulated in children’s toys and clothing. Exposure to high doses and extended exposure have caused liver/kidney damage and liver tumors and affected reproductive development in animal studies. The EPA has designated DEHP a probable carcinogen. Exposure to newborns or pregnant women is of particular concern. DEHP can gradually be released from products and accumulate in the home and environment. The greatest risks are ingestion through contaminated food or water and extended exposure through medical devices.

This aptamer has recently been used in a biosensensor for sensitive detection of DEHP. View Abstract

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