Aptamer discovery involves several important steps. Following library enrichment against the desired target, the aptamer sequences with the greatest potential must be selected. Next generation sequencing enables the rapid characterization of millions of aptamer sequences. Sequence data is combined with bioinformatics to select the best aptamer candidates for functional testing.

The introduction of next generation sequencing has enabled the analysis of millions of potential aptamer sequences in record time. In addition to a final enriched library, multiple rounds of SELEX can be analyzed to evaluate enrichment over time and identify high-affinity sequences that may be more prevalent in earlier rounds of selection.

Final aptamer pools or pools from several selection rounds may be submitted for sequencing at Base Pair. Our NGS offering includes library preparation and determination of library concentration prior to sequencing. Prepared libraries may also be submitted. Sequence information is supplied as a FASTQ file uploaded to a secure FTP site. Data can also be utilized for bioinformatics analysis at Base Pair. 

Learn more about bioinformatics for aptamer selection from Base Pair.

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