We are pleased that you are considering aptamers and thank you for considering Base Pair Biotechnologies as your aptamer discovery and development partner. With over 50 years of aptamer discovery and applications development experience, our entire team is committed to developing the best possible aptamer-based solutions for you. Below are a few of the reasons why Base Pair should be your go-to partner for aptamer discovery and development.


Consultative Approach

Before beginning any project or preparing a quote, Base Pair scientists take the time to consult with you to fully understand your needs, objectives, and requirements. Our Chief Scientist and Aptamer Development Manager are personally involved in the design of all aptamer discovery and development projects.  We carefully review project goals, research the chemical and biological properties of your targets and the characteristics of your desired applications for the aptamers, and identify potential technical challenges. We design strategies for overcoming those challenges. Our exclusive AptaTracker platform provides direct communication between you and our Base Pair scientists throughout each project.

Customized Solutions

At Base Pair, we know that any one strategy is not necessarily ideal for all aptamer discovery and development projects. In each case, we choose from our portfolio of proprietary aptamer libraries or design a specialized library to match the characteristics of your target(s) and end use application. We consider multiple SELEX configurations, numerous potential aptamer modifications, and specialized characterization methods for the aptamer candidates. Our goal is to design the best possible approach for each individual project to create aptamers that meet your unique needs.

Proprietary Aptamer Libraries

Base Pair scientists select from a menu of standard libraries and specialized libraries designed to increase hydrophobicity or optimize secondary and tertiary structures to enhance aptamer binding. Highly customized libraries for sensor-specific sequences or specific conformational structures are often designed for individual projects.

Multiplex Aptamer Selection

Base Pair’s proprietary VENNmultiplex SELEX method enables simultaneous selection of aptamers for up to 30 targets, saving significant time and cost and enabling true competitive binding during the selection process. Base Pair is able to select optimal aptamers to a family of targets and evaluate aptamer specificity in relation to a matrix control. A complex Venn diagram analysis identifies aptamers that are specific for individual targets,pan-binders to all members of a related family, and aptamers with binding to specific subsets of targets.

Advanced Aptamer Modification

Following initial selection, Aptamers can be modified to further enhance affinity, stability, solubility, or detection. Aptamers can be “matured” by generating highly-focused , aptamer-specific libraries containing smaller randomized regions, truncations, nuclease-blocking technology, or conformational locking. Sequence modifications can be applied to specific aptamers to further improve performance.

Functional Aptamer Testing & Aptamer Pairs

Base Pair scientists understand that true success is defined by aptamer performance in real-world applications. We carefully select aptamers under end-use conditions to ensure compatibility. Aptamers can be evaluated in a number of different applications. Many applications require two aptamers with complementary binding sites. Base Pair utilizes proprietary methods for identifying matched aptamer pairs for use in ELISA-like assays (ELASA, ELONA), lateral flow assays, and other applications.

Small Molecule Experience

Aptamers are unique in their ability to selectively recognize non-immunogenic and/or toxic small molecules. Base Pair has successfully developed aptamers to multiple small molecules for use in applications as varied as point of care tests for drugs of abuse, important metabolites, environmental contaminants, and chemical defense agents. We utilize proprietary methods to solubilize and present small molecules for aptamer selection and to accurately measure the affinity of aptamers for binding to small molecule targets.

Commercial Use Rights

The Base Pair team is here to guide you through the challenges and pitfalls of managing aptamer sequences, intellectual property, and patents. We work closely with you throughout the aptamer discovery and development process to ensure your research and business interests are carefully protected, and once that process is complete, to provide you with the rights you need to be successful in a competitive marketplace.