Base Pair now offers a full suite of aptamer services. Base Pair’s patented multiplex aptamer selection enables discovery of aptamers to multiple targets in a single project, decreasing time and cost for aptamer discovery. Base Pair utilizes specialized libraries, selection strategies, and aptamer maturation techniques to optimize aptamer stability and performance. Specialized techniques are used to select aptamers or aptamer pairs for specific downstream applications, including lateral flow assays, ELASA and other plate-based assays, cell/tissue imaging, biosensor development, and many other methods. Next generation sequencing and bioinformatics for aptamer selection are now available as independent aptamer services from Base Pair. Whether you are new to aptamer selection or simply short on staff, Base Pair can help.

Discover aptamers for up to 30 targets at one time and screen for specific- and pan-binders using Base Pair’s proprietary multiplex SELEX.

Submit your enriched aptamer pool(s) for next generation sequencing at Base Pair. Request sequences or perform bioinformatics at Base Pair.

Base Pair analysts apply proprietary clustering and alignment methods to select the best aptamer candidates from your sequenced library.

Characterize existing aptamers and modify aptamers for enhanced stability, immobilization, signaling, or selectivity.

Base Pair now offers BLI affinity testing for evaluation of aptamer association and dissociation and identification of matched aptamers.

Base Pair aptamers to a wide range of targets are available for research purposes through our convenient on-line ordering system.

Base Pair scientists can perform aptamer pair selection, feasibility studies, and method / assay development.