Base Pair offers a full suite of aptamer discovery & development and assay development services designed to generate Aptamers That Work for specific applications. In addition, we offer a growing menu of catalog aptamers that have been developed to selectively bind specific targets.

Custom Aptamer Discovery & Development Services

Base Pair has a growing reputation for solving tough scientific challenges through innovative aptamer-based solutions. We offer comprehensive aptamer discovery and development services, ranging from aptamer selection to optimization, characterization, and assay development.

Catalog Aptamers

Through a combination of grant-based and collaboration-based projects, Base Pair has generated aptamers to a wide range of targets. Many of these aptamers are available for research purposes through our convenient on-line ordering system.

Assay Development Services

Need some assistance with aptamer-based assays? Base Pair is happy to help. We can characterize existing aptamers, modify aptamers for enhanced performance, immobilization or signaling, and assist with assay and method development.