Aptamers offer several key advantages over traditional affinity reagents.

  • They are easily selected against non-immunogenic small molecules and toxic compounds
  • Aptamers are about one tenth the size of an antibody, which may better enable access to tissues and cells
  • They are generally non-immunogenic
  • Aptamers can be selected to differentiate between highly similar molecules
  • They can be easily conjugated without loss of selectivity
  • Aptamers are chemically synthesized, eliminating the batch-to-batch variability issues associated with bioproduction
  • A selective aptamer can be synthesized as needed, throughout the life of a product or project

But what about aptamer stability? Can aptamers function effectively in serum and in vivo applications? 

Request “Enhancing Aptamer Stability” to learn more about successful techniques for improving aptamer stability.

aptamer modifications

Request “Enhancing Aptamer Stability”