Catalog Aptamers & Reagents

Base Pair has developed a wide range of aptamers that are available for your internal research use. Many of our aptamers are also available for commercial use. Selected aptamers that can be purchased through our web site are listed here. Please use the Downloads tab on the product ordering page to obtain any applications-specific information on individual aptamers. Individual aptamers may not be suitable for some applications. Because aptamer performance is optimal under selection conditions, we recommend that you consider a custom development project for any specialized assay or use conditions. We have many other aptamers that are not listed in our catalog. If you do not see what you are looking for in this list or would like to inquire about the use of a catalog aptamer for a specific application, please Contact Us.

Aptamer Buffers

Base Pair is pleased to offer several ready-to-use buffers designed to simplify aptamer handling and storage.

RTW0001: Resuspension Buffer for reconstitution and storage of most aptamers

RTW0002: Amine Resuspension Buffer for reconstitution and storage of amine-modified aptamers

RTW0003: Aptamer Folding Buffer for intermediate dilution and folding of aptamers

RTW0004: Aptamer Reducing Buffer for reduction of thiolated aptamers prior to use

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