ATW0044 - Cytomegalovirus gB (CMV gB) Aptamer

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Target:   CMV gB (Cytomegalovirus gB)

Target Species:   viral

Target Type:   protein

Affinity Constant (Kd):   15.1 nM

Default 3' Linker (Spacer) is 10T. Please submit a custom quote request for other options.

*Please note that aptamers have much lower molecular weights than antibodies. Thus, there are typically five to fifteen times as many moles or molecules of aptamers present in a solution containing an equal mass. For example, 100 micrograms of an aptamer is equivalent to 0.5 to 1.5 mg of antibody, depending on the particular aptamer.

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ATW0044 Aptamer to Human Cytomegalovirus gB (CMV gB) Viral Protein

Human cytomegalovirus(CMV) (human herpesvirus 5) glycoprotein B is a 907-amino acid glycoprotein encoded by the ORF of UL55. It is the most abundant component of the envelope with at least two defined neutralizing epitopes, a target of neutralizing antibodies and an essential replication component. gB plays important roles in HCMV entry, cell-cell spread of internal virions, and fusion of infected cells. It triggers penetration of cells and enhances the spread of infection in nonpolarized human fibroblasts

This aptamer was selected by scientists at Base Pair Biotechnologies using proprietary methods and human CMV gB, [Sino Biological Inc., Cat #10202-V08H1] as a target

CMVgB ATW0044 #377 datasheet [Download]