ATW0058 - Cytomegalovirus pp65 Protein Aptamer

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Target:   CMV pp65 (Cytomegalovirus pp65)

Target Species:   viral

Target Type:   protein

Affinity Constant (Kd):   64 nM

Default 3' Linker (Spacer) is 10T. Please submit a custom quote request for other options.

*Please note that aptamers have much lower molecular weights than antibodies. Thus, there are typically five to fifteen times as many moles or molecules of aptamers present in a solution containing an equal mass. For example, 100 micrograms of an aptamer is equivalent to 0.5 to 1.5 mg of antibody, depending on the particular aptamer.

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Human cytomegalovirus, HCMV, is a herpesvirus that infects between 50 to 85% of adults by the age of 50. Though most people do not show symptoms of disease, HCMV is a major cause of morbidity in AIDS and organ transplant. There is currently no vaccine and no cure for HCMV. Pp65 is the primary protein invlolved in evasion of host immune response in HCMV infection. It has been shown to prevent recognition by the immune system, to interfere with synthesis of immune components, and to inhibit natural killer cell cytotoxicity.

John Paul Tomtishen III, (2012) Human cytomegalovirus tegument proteins (pp65, pp71, pp150, pp28). Virology Journal. 9:22.

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ATW0058 CMV pp65 Aptamer Data Sheet [Download]