There are a growing number of companies offering aptamer discovery and development services, but not all companies truly offer the same kind of service. The combination of experience, proprietary technology, collaboration, and innovation you will find at Base Pair really set us apart.

Partnering with Base Pair

There are many things to consider when selecting a partner. Base Pair offers the expertise and technology to develop effective aptamers for specific applications and a collaborative approach that ensures projects stay on track and you stay informed.

Multiplex SELEX and VENNmultiplex SELEX

Base Pair’s proprietary multiplex technology enables us to simultaneously select for aptamers to multiple targets. Cut development time, improve binding selectivity, and identify specific- and pan-binders.

Expertise in Aptamers to Small Molecules

Using proprietary methods for selection, screening, and affinity testing, Base Pair has successfully developed aptamers to a wide range of small molecules, including amino acids, neurotransmitters, metabolites, and small molecule drugs.

Client Testimonials

While much of the work we perform is proprietary, we do have some comments and acknowledgements to share from a few of our many satisfied customers.